Hey babes! My name is Chloe Carter, I'm 22, live in Fayetteville, AR + I am the Founder and CEO of Down Right Denim. DRD was started in the Summer when I was 16 years old, when vintage denim cutoffs began the raging sensation on Pinterest. Bored like any teenager in the summer, I decided to get a little crafty, head down the road to my local Goodwill, and pick out the tackiest "mom jeans" I could find (boy those jeans need work). I went back to my house, added some bleach, cut them here and there, put some studs on them and BAM a masterpiece was created. I decided to upload my little DIY on my Instagram and my friends went bananas begging me to make them some too. Long story short, I created my own business Instagram @downrightdenim, began taking custom orders, and meeting up with local customers in the Target parking lot to exchange their one of a kind cutoffs (sketchy I know, sorry mom, lol). The sketchy "drug dealer style" meet ups + drop-offs continued 2 more years until I was 18 headed off to college at the University of Arkansas, which I was not too excited about, to pursue a major in Apparel Studies. 
I gave college my best foot forward, and I'm extremely blessed to get the opportunity to go; however, after my one semester (lol) I realized college wasn't for me, at least at the moment. With my starting to be successful business on my back I gave myself one "semester" to give DRD all I could and to see how far I could take DRD, and if it failed I promised myself to go back to school. I put my butt in full gear, late nights, endless sleep, and no graphic design background, I launched my first website allowing me to ship all over the U.S. With the help of some AMAZING people + promoters Down Right Denim has become the brand it is today. There have been MANY mistakes made, MANY learning experiences, MANY tears, but it is truly all worth it. I am relaunching DRD with putting all my fails behind me, learning from them, and trying to provide my customers + future customers with the best and easiest shopping experience they can get.
I really cannot thank each + every one of you for helping me get to where I am today. I would be absolutely nowhere with people like you taking a chance on a small business like mine. God has truly blessed me, and I have come to find out he gives each and every one of us talents in order to glorify His kingdom. This is mine, so I do everything I can to use this business to glorify Him. Thank y'all for the love + support, I really cannot say that enough. God Bless.
"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in various forms." - 1 Peter 4:10